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Sharing a meaningful activity with seniors and people with disabilities

What we do

From families to nursing homes, our specialized wheelchair brings joy to each and everyone by allowing seniors and people with disabilities to enjoy a meaningful activity in the outdoors. Every user takes part in a growing community which main purpose is to reduce social isolationreduce depression and into making outdoors activities accessible.


Easy to push

Our unique steering system and our low friction wheels and tires combination makes our wheelchair the easiest to push on the market!

Fully customizable

Standard features include fully customizable seating and backrest cushions. Change tires based the setting. Show your personality with unique wheel covers.

Though and reliable

This wheelchair has been through the toughest challenges. From cross-country races, to marathons and even ultra-marathons. Our customers thrust our product whenever reliability is important.


The wheelchair features an adjustable backrest for maximum comfort. It also has an adjustable stem and handlebar for all pushers heights. Accessories can be added for even more comfort!

Easy and cheap to maintain

Our unique design includes mostly off-the-shelf bicycle parts. This makes our wheelchair easy to maintain either at home or at a specialized bike shop.

Built for performance

A lightweight frame, rigid axles, large disc brakes, and a unique steering system are some of our key caracteristics that makes our wheelchair built for performance. Not sure? We'll show you our Guinness Records to prove it.

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Share meaningful moments with loved ones

Bring joy and happinness

A fun and inclusive activity for everyone

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Give us a call! We're always happy to answer our customers questions.

Ready to roll?

Be part of a growing community

Join thousands of runners and co-runners in a unique and extraordinary experience. Where performance has a whole different meaning.


Kartus lightens and creates special, longlasting memories for families. One family told us that their grandfather was able to come on their annual family trip. Before Kartus, this simply wasn't possible.

Yan Robitaille, Patro de Charlesbourg

Running always pushes me to go further. Kartus boosted me. Kartus has made my dream of running come true, and with every run, has allowed me to follow my own path at the same time. So, if you want to challenge yourself, disabled or not, go for it!

Marie-Michelle Fortin, Kartus ambassador

The potential for disabled people is undeniable. It's a way to help with their condition while experiencing the pleasure of the great outdoors. A great feeling of freedom!

Simon April, Counsellor for rights of people with disabilities

It helps break those isolation barriers, make meaningful connections, and has allowed me to reconnect with a friend from High School that I hadn't seen in over 20 years.

Michel Bédard, radio host and co-runner

The chair let us enjoy family activities with our sick son. Once a great athlete, it gave him the opportunity to see beautiful scenery and rub shoulders with other sport lovers.

Mario Béland, who ran regularly with his son David

A pure delight that makes nature accessible to older people with physical limitations. The residents and volunteers bond on a more personal level. It's a way to get in shape while making someone happy.

Isabelle Dufresne, Recreation Technician @ CIUSSS NIM

It's very rewarding to see people with disabilities enjoy an outdoor activity while getting to be a part of it. This product is very relevant and deserves to be put out there. The success and development of shared runs clearly shows how effective and inclusive this product really is.

Karine Perreault, Project manager @ Quebec Leisure Association For People With Disabilities