About us

What is Kartus ?

Kartus is more than just a Guinness Record holder wheelchair : it is an inclusion creator, a seclusion breaker, a community builder, and most of all, a well-being and happiness dynamo.

Kartus is a Social Movement.

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves beautiful and quality products. Kartus is not your typical wheelchair; it is an elegant and high-performance product that gives back freedom, dignity, and joy to all its users.

How do we fulfill our mission ?

Outdoor Wheelchair

Green Space Accessibility

We allow people with reduced mobility and seniors to access breathtaking green space, which is proven scientifically to have a positive  impact on their mental and physical health.

Running Chair

Sharing is Caring

We offer a wheelchair that promotes a dynamic and shared outdoor activity. Social isolation and depression which are closely linked, are two major issues for the elderly and people with disabilities. We strongly believe that we can have a positive impact on those issues by allowing runners and people with reduced mobility to form new social circles. More so , it gives a tool to runners to give back to their community easily and feel a strong sense of sharing and belonging.

Inclusive Running Event 10km

Inclusion in competition

Who did not like being cheered for growing up? The performance of the chair allows seniors and people with reduce mobility to participate in running events where camaraderie, applause and feeling of inclusion are paramount.

Meet the team


And also : a community

Running, a passion that can be shared!

Several racing clubs allow young and old to experience the joy of running in duo with a Kartus running chair. The communities founding Shared Run Clubs are our best ambassadors. We are proud to count among some of the runners and co-runners of the running clubs, Guinness record holders. The movement is rapidly spreading. The Shared Runs first came to life in Sherbrooke, then Quebec City, Gatineau, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and soon enough Montréal, Lévis, Boucherville and many more.

If you want to start a Shared Runs running club in your city, contact us and we will show you the steps !