Frequently asked questions

What about international orders ?

We do ship worldwide. Even though it is a little more complicated and it can take a little longer, we make sure you can get the product as quickly as possible and without a scratch. We even help with custom clearance ! 

How long does it take between ordering a Kartus and deliviring it?

The delivery time when buying a Kartus is 2 to 3 weeks. When the product is out of stock, the delay can be up to 6 weeks. Your vendor should inform you of current deadlines.

I run regularly, but I'm not used to a Kartus running chair. Is it difficult?

Running with a Kartus running chair is easy. The concept of the front wheel makes it easy to handle the stroller during a race. Some factors may affect the difficulty of the activity, such as the weight of the passenger or the presence of ribs on the course. However, the inertia of the chair facilitates the push on a flat course. In addition, several adjustments are printegrated on the stroller to adapt the position of the handlebars, brake levers and the location of the bottle holder for all runners.

Does the Kartus fit easily into a car?

Yes, the Kartus running chair has a folding backrest and the wheels can be removed easily to reduce the size of the stroller for the car. Once folded, the chair can easily be used in a hatchback type vehicle, an SUV or a mini-van.

I do not run, I will rather walk and I use gravel or dirt roads. Is the Kartus suitable for this type of activity?

Certainly. The chair has been designed to provide accessibility to the outdoors and sports activities. In doing so, it’s easy to just participate in duo. The tires can be changed to fit mountain bike tires, with better traction and puncture resistance.

I wish to contact sponsors for the purchase of a Kartus, is there any advertising space for them?

Yes. Each Kartus can accommodate wheel covers that allow for sponsor display. In addition, it is possible to put stickers on the guards on the legs and arms, in addition to customizing the structure.