Inclusive Activities: Share Your Summer and Enjoy It to the Fullest

Inclusive Activities: Share Your Summer and Enjoy It to the Fullest

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the desire to enjoy the outdoors and engage in sports activities. Yet, for some people, accessibility and inclusion in these activities pose a real challenge. Organizing inclusive outings is the solution so that everyone can fully enjoy the summer and participate in sports activities together.

These outings are activities that take into account everyone's needs and seek to promote the inclusion of all participants, regardless of their physical abilities. They can take various forms, from picnics to obstacle courses, including hiking or running. The idea is to offer an activity that is accessible and adaptable to all, where everyone can participate at their own level. There are always multiple ways to adapt an activity to include everyone, regardless of each person's ability.

At Kartus, we believe that inclusion is essential to encourage the practice of sports and outdoor activities in the community. We therefore encourage inclusive outings and are happy to participate in several events during this summer. We will even be present at the Des-Chênes Toi Bourret race, which will take place on May 21st in Drummondville.In this context, we wanted to share some good practices to adopt in order to prepare yourself to add some inclusion to your outings.

In this context, we wanted to share various best practices to adopt to prepare yourself to add a bit of inclusion to your outings in turn.

If you're looking to organize an inclusive outing, here are some practical tips to help you:

  • Choose an activity accessible to all participants. Make sure the activity suits all levels of physical abilities, whether it's the duration, intensity, or necessary equipment. Don't forget to verify the accessibility of buildings, like restrooms!
  • Plan ahead. Inform yourself about the specific needs of the participants, such as adapted equipment or needs regarding food or hydration. Transportation is also an important factor to consider.
  • Foster team spirit. Encourage participants to support each other and work together to achieve their common goals. Don't hesitate to go out in groups to share your newfound passion for inclusive activities!
  • Enjoy the present moment. Let go and appreciate the moment, savoring the collective experience.

    For those who want to try out inclusive outings without too much organization, there are many options already organized in different regions of Quebec. Shared races, already present in several cities, are an excellent opportunity to get started with co-racing with an adapted wheelchair. There are also organizations like the Réseau Autonomie Santé (RAS) that organize inclusive outings adapted for all levels of physical ability. These options can not only help to strengthen the community spirit and discover new places to explore, but they also offer a way to stay active and enjoy the mental and physical health benefits associated with outdoor activities. Feel free to join in.

    Inclusive outings are an opportunity to reconnect with nature, push oneself beyond limits, and share meaningful moments with your community. They also serve as a means to promote inclusion and raise public awareness about the need to make sports and the outdoors accessible to all: show and talk about your activities! We can't wait to see your shared outings.

    The Kartus Team 💚