Road to Boston 2019

Road to Boston 2019

In preparation for the 2019 Boston Marathon, Kartus and the Shared Runs organized a benefit event. The team of Marie-Michelle Fortin and Sébastien Roulier were in the spotlight in this evening. The Boston Marathon has always been a dream for Marie-Michelle, and Kartus was eager to participate in the project! The event was organized in collaboration with medical students from the Université de Sherbrooke, to allow the purchase of a chair Kartus MKII, the reference in the field.

Who is Sébastien Roulier ?

Sebastien Roulier is a pediatrician and ultra-marathoner whose vocation is running. Moreover, he wishes to share his pleasure of running for the greatest number: it is in this context that he became Kartus ambassador in 2017. According to Sébastien, “a simple gesture to push a person who provides a surpassing of oneself and which allows to share happiness”. Holder of numerous records and veteran of innumerable races, the meeting with Marie-Michelle 2018 was hinge for him. In duo, they shattered two Guinness records: a half marathon in 1: 30: 37 and a marathon in 3: 01: 24! According to Sebastien, Marie-Michelle’s enthusiasm and passion have completely changed his vision of running. An exceptional meeting that, propelled by Kartus, continues to flourish. You can learn more about Sébastien, his career and his life here (french).

A Unique Wheel Cover

The evening culminated with the unveiling of the personalized wheel cover for the team of Sébastien and Marie-Michelle. A strong moment in emotions, as much in front of the design which solidifies the achievements of the team as the anticipation of the marathon to come. Kartus is proud to offer customizable wheel covers, created and manufactured in Quebec, to express the imagination and personality of runners. The Boston 2019 team wears his as a true badge of honor.