The Gravel-Lavoie duo at the Je Bouge Challenge

The Gravel-Lavoie duo at the Je Bouge Challenge

Maïka Gravel: an example of determination

 Maïka and Carmen's story is one of perseverance.

This article explains it well : “Maïka's mother has been running for 7 years and did her first marathon last year. Every race she takes, she does it to recognize Maika's perseverance and courage and to honor the memory of Kim, "the little angel who protects me".

“After I completed my first half marathon in 2012, I promised my daughter that one day she would run with me,” she explains. Over the years, Carmen's promise has become Maïka's big dream, and it is five years later that it finally comes true.

To achieve her challenge, Maïka will be comfortably seated in a Kartus chair, specially designed for people with reduced mobility who want the experience of running. To complete the 10 km, Dr. Lemieux and Ms. Lavoie will take turns pushing the racing chair to the finish line. "

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